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Unlock the potential of the ‘low hanging fruit’ in your business – your loyal customers.

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Help your customers introduce their friends to your business.  Set up a word of mouth referral program in minutes.

No website needed!

Don’t have an IT team or even a website?  No problem, you can run Riipe from your smartphone.

Analytics & reporting

Who are your most loyal customers? How much revenue do they drive?  Use Riipe to gain insights like never before.

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How it works

See how easy it is to set up a word of mouth referral program with Riipe.

1. Easy set up

Get your business up and running
on Riipe in a few minutes.

No IT team or website needed.

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2. Create Offers

You can provide Offers to new customers
as a way to say “Welcome!”.

Vendor - Offers

3. Intros

Your customers can then easily introduce
your business to their friends and family
by email, text, or Facebook
(and many more ways).

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4. Reports

Watch your sales grow!  Gain insights
into your business with our reports like
you’ve never had before.

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Personal referrals are really valuable

According to, did you know personal referrals are:


More valuable vs cold call lead


More valuable vs trade show lead


More valuable vs web lead

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Customers take action based on referrals

84% of consumers report taking action based on personal recommendations84%
83% of consumers are willing to make a referral after a positive experience83%

*Nielsen **Advisor Impact

Many types of businesses use Riipe


Financial &


Health &





Real Estate



Salons &

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